Custom-Made Dresses

Unlike other bridal companies who just sell ready-made items, we can create your dream dresses including the accessories. Show us a picture of the dress you have in mind together with your notes and we will build it from scratch. Many customers bring a magazine of celebrities wearing famous designer clothes and we take it from there. You get that celebrity look without the celebrity price!

Our bridal experts have been in business for decades. They can guide you through the maze of choices. We will help you with the colors, the style and especially the budget.

We also make alterations. Yes, we’ll help you fit into your mother’s wedding dress if you want. We’ll take out the cobwebs, restore the faded colors and bring that heirloom gown back to life. Of course there are limitations to what we can do so you need to drop by and see for yourself.

Did I hear you say dresses for your bridesmaids? Slashes? Jackets? Ring pillows? Of course, we do that too!

Call us for more information.

custom-made dresses